Soda bread

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This recipe is really quick and good if you want a loaf of bread in an hour – perfect for when you’re making soup. This recipe from the BBC ‘Nigel’s lazy loaf‘ does the job well. After the 25 minutes in the oven, I added another 5 minutes with the lid off – the crust needed it. Top tip: a …

bloomer cleft


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Sorry, I just like the photo. This is actually my most common bread and there’s loads of normal photos knocking about of bloomers by me. I make it all the time and highly recommend Paul Hollywood’s recipe. The water is key, I recommend putting it in at least 5 minutes before the bread to make sure it’s had a chance …



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Recipe is from Paul Hollywood’s Bread, I can’t find the exact recipe but here’s another one from the man himself. Surprisingly easy to make. I was worried about the weird shape of them originally, I wanted them to be square like in the shops, but in the end I decided I like the weird way they tend to come out.

mini baguettes

Mini baguettes

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The ones in the picture are from Paul Hollywood’s Bread (book), I can’t find that exact recipe online, but here’s one for baguettes from Paul Hollywood’s website so it’s probably as good. I tried these once before I had the specific baguette-shaped trays and they came out flat – your really do need the tray to give the tube shape.

no knead bread

No Knead Bread

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Tried this recipe after browsing YouTube and coming across the video below. It is, as it says, really easy to make with no kneading involved. Interestingly it uses hot water in the recipe, the dough is quite sloppy, and it’s cooked in a dutch oven. The recipe produces a really good result though with a very soft crumb and very …