Chain-link logic and the advantage of dependencies

Often the business analogy of chains is associated with limitations, silos and the phrase “you’re only as strong as your weakest link”. However, this isn’t always the case. The following two contrasting excerpts help explain how being part of a chain can be both a bad and a good thing.

Two champagnes

“Two champagnes.” That was a classic, one of his best, always performed for the couples (and sometimes the kids) who ordered soft drinks. Guaranteed tip … well, usually.

Analytical editorial

Having worked as both an analyst, supporting analyst, strategist and just a spare pair of eyes for analytical work, I know the value of a second opinion. What I am surprised at, though, is how often I hear a report described as something to be ‘proofed’ rather than edited.

The Brighton Digital Quiz 2015

For the 2015 Brighton Digital Festival Rob, Luke and myself were asked if we could bring the quiz back for another evening of questions, answers, fun and laughter. With the new name – The Brighton Digital Quiz – and two new helpers Chris and Clive (responsible for the amazing photography), we reopened the doors of the North Laine Brewhouse once …


On Thursday March 5th, 2015 the Inaugural WORKING TITLE Quiz took place. The quiz was in aid of Mind, Brighton who work to promote good mental health in our city and across Sussex. The Brighton digital industry was overdue an evening of relaxing, drinking, friends and raising money for charity. There hadn’t been a proper knees-up since Twestival and Digimas, …

Games that flow

Flow is something that we talk about a lot at work, long story short, it’s the feeling of being “in the zone”. You can find a full psychology description of it here, but you know what it feels like, it’s when you become so immersed in a task that you receive a constant satisfaction and joy as you complete it. …

Design thinking within constraints

I’m currently reading ‘Change by Design‘ by Tim Brown. This particular paragraph on creating environments for “design thinking” and the importance of constraints stood out: The willing and even enthusiastic acceptance of competing constraints is the foundation of design thinking. The first stage of the design process is often about discovering which constraints are important and establishing a framework for …

Pomodoro playlists

I’ve tried many different time management techniques at work to help me concentrate. Perhaps it’s the nature of the internet, digital agency life or my own attention span, but sometimes I really struggle to stick to a task. Recently I seem to be settling on the Pomodoro technique as a comfortable solution to this problem.

Play the ball where the monkey drops it.

I’m currently working my way through Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc. It’s an incredible read (and I’m only 44% into it). I’ve already absorbed a huge amount of wisdom, but I read the paragraph below and wanted to share it. It’s in relation to change, randomness and the ability to act given new circumstances: